Currently the Veteran population of our nation and Colorado is experiencing high rates of suicide, divorce, homelessness, and depression. Due to the large number of Veterans who are in need of assistance, a number which continues to grow, not all receive the appropriate care or any care at all. Treatment is needed for PTSD, TBI, physical wounds, and depression, all of which affect the mental health and well-being of the Veteran population. Through personal experience and research, the Patriot Anglers have found that outdoor recreation, specifically in our case fishing, can be therapeutic, and help ease the effects of post deployment and service issues.

While fishing may not cure or solve all the problems faced by Veterans, it can ease the stresses and improve one's outlook on life. A participant fishing with the Patriot Anglers will find themselves in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. In returning to nature, we provide an environment where cell phones are not ringing, and life in general has slowed down, allowing the participant to take a breath and have some simplicity returned to their life. Enjoyment of the activity and the Veteran’s surroundings is the goal.  

The Patriot Anglers do not simply take Veterans fishing, we teach fishing and all that encompasses being on the water in the Rocky Mountains. We want the participant to be able to continue the healthy activity which they have learned from us, by providing follow up expeditions, equipment, and workshops through our community.  To be able to learn the sport of fishing, and utilize it to strengthen bonds with nature, family, and friends is our end goal for participants.



All gave some; some gave all. Now we are giving back to those Veterans that have made great sacrifices for our way of life. We are a 100% volunteer based non profit organization, volunteer based organization with a IRS 501(c)3 tax free status, and every penny or item we receive goes directly towards the fulfillment of our mission. Your donation not only helps us in our mission to get military and Veteran families outdoors, it’s also tax deductible!

Donations can be made as a one time donation, or on a reoccurring monthly basis through Paypal using the link below.  By donating $20 per month you will finance two fully guided expeditions per year for four Veterans to pristine and world class fishing destinations in the Rocky Mountains. Also needed is new or gently used outdoor and fishing and camping gear to be used in our expeditions.

Donation receipts are available upon request. Please contact us with any questions at