THE PATRIOT ANGLERS is comprised of Veterans, military family members, and patriots who possess a unique understanding of the toll that military service can take on a family, and being from Colorado, we also understand the value of time spent outdoors.



The Patriot Anglers strengthens bonds and uplifts U.S. military families past and present, by providing a unique Rocky Mountain fishing experience.

We believe in the healing power of time spent in nature

Meet BRICE WIERENGAA fellow Veteran opens up about his experiences at war and coming home. He talks how fishing and the Patriot Anglers have been able to help him post deployment and service life.

All of the members of our organization have a passion for working with members of the military and their families.
We have all experienced, firsthand, the difficulties facing those who choose the military life, but we firmly believe that a simple activity, such as fishing, can bring some simplicity back into your life.