Community Expeditions

The Patriot Anglers are striving to build a strong community of anglers and supporters. The community is designed to use to organize fishing expeditions, classes/workshops, and other events, to allow past participants, supporters, and patriots at heart to continue to fish, learn, and be a part of a of a support group on the water. The Patriot Anglers want to ensure that Veterans that use our services continue to have further opportunities to use fishing and the outdoors as tool to help cope with post deployment and service problems. Volunteer opportunities can also be found through the community for those that would like to give back.

Led by the community coordinator the meet up expeditions are free to attend and are on a first come first served basis when an expedition is posted. We do help with providing the use of fishing equipment and supplies when needed, and continue to teach while fishing with meet up participants. Expeditions are planned to take place throughout the Front Range and Central Mountains of Colorado. During the expeditions we chase a wide variety of sport fish using many tactics. Community expeditions are planned on almost a monthly basis.

To create a meetup account and take part in Patriot Anglers Community Expeditions please use the following button.


For any questions concerning the Patriot Anglers Community please email at